World Commute

A little while ago, I signed up to the World Commute website

According to the blurb, World Commute is a not-for-profit, free social-network website to encourage, promote and track the use of non-motorised transportation around the world. It allows users to create a profile and record non-motorised trips including daily commutes to work or school and “taking care of business” trips to the shops etc. Because they also want to promote physical health through activity, users can also record recreational and fitness activities scoring “health points.” Even though a run at lunch may not contribute to reduced carbon emissions, it is physical activity that promotes a healthier individual.

It’s very pleasing to watch the miles pile up. In 36 working days, I’ve clocked up 792 miles (Worthing to Oslo is 763 miles as the crow flies), saved £130 and offset 767lbs of carbon (although I’m not quite sure what these figures are based on). My sexiness in lycra rating is 9.5 out of 10, even in cold weather. Alright, I made that up.

Obviously, if your commute involves cycling to your local crack den, you may lose the health points you’ve gained but at least you’re not driving a stolen car thereby offsetting carbon. You have to think about these things.

2 thoughts on “World Commute”

  1. Hello! Thanks for the review. We hope that you keep on logging your bike trips. We’ll have some great new features up and running in the next few months so you can get some friendly competitions going, create groups, and issue challenges! I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then – safe and happy commutes, Ellen from

  2. Thanks Ellen! WorldCommute is a wonderful idea and the sky’s the limit with what you can do with it. I look forward to seeing the developments. Please don’t use the ‘Sexiness in lycra’ idea. Even I would score myself in negative figures, probably looking a bit like a Sperm Whale with mumps.

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