Commuting Cunundrum

Because the Boy is due to be born on 9th May I decided to drive to work today. The reasoning being that if I got The Call, I would be able to dash to the car and whizz home from Brighton to Worthing (12 miles) to pick up The Wife and The Bag of Specifically Packed Things as Recommended by Special People to zoom off for a meeting with destiny.

The Wife was a bit dubious about me taking the car for the following reasons:

  • It takes me 40-50 minutes max to cycle between Worthing and Brighton regardless of weather or traffic conditions. Contrary to what the popular press thinks, I do this obeying the Highway Code.


  • I hate driving and what I become when driving. Some people listen to Radio 3 whilst driving because they like classical music and maybe played an instrument at school. I listen to Radio 3 whilst driving because without its soothing influence I would beat to death the next motorist that can’t queue properly with the clarinet I played at school.

The fact is it took me a far more stressful 50 minutes to get from Worthing to Brighton and will take me the same amount of time and stress to get home. I would have to rely on the Boy not making an appearance during the school run or either rush hour for the car to be truly effective.

Work colleagues said I really should have a car on standby ‘in case of emergency’. I nearly fell for the same car advertising drivel they fell for – better speed, every road looking as clear as the Scottish Highlands and you would be forgiven for thinking that by buying a new car you’re actually saving the environment with ‘Eco’ this and Lower Emissions that. When I get The Call, I’m going to be incredibly stressed so being in control of a ton of metal moving at speed is not the answer until it’s not moving at speed at which point it becomes a frustrating cage.

The bicycle wins. The simplest plans are always the best. Except our Birth Plan of course.

3 thoughts on “Commuting Cunundrum”

  1. Jim, I have just discovered these things you write!I was wondering what this rambling thing was, I thought it might have been some kind of walking group?

    “I’m a fully experienced rambling hicker”

    “What would you do if you were stuck in a hole?…… In the fog….in the middle of the night…………………..with an OWL!”

    Tehehe. Well these rambles are very amusing, but how do you have time?!!

    Lau x

    1. Thanks for the kindly comments! If I get a bee in my bonnet about something I can write very quickly! Everyone should have a blog!

      Where does that quote come from? All I have in return is..

      “Christmas what does that mean to you? Do you know what it’s like to be thrown in the mud, and kicked in the head with a large iron BOOT? No, of you don’t, no one does, it never happens. Sorry Ted, that’s a dumb question, skip that.”

      Airplane. Always the best for quotes!

      Jim x

      1. Ahhh airplane is always good. Those quotes were from the fast show! Makes me laugh everytime. ~Look up rambling hiker on youtube!

        See you tonight! x

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