Weekly Round Up & Dutch Lunch

Well, things seem to be going slowly but tickety-boo at the Embassy. The response has been wonderful. 

From an idea that started out last week, we are now at this stage:

Website up and, now I’ve been told how to confirm peoples accounts (I thought I knew computers. I was wrong), all people that have applied as members are now active and should be now able to discuss things on the forum.

Website now has categorised links. Document ‘Library’ to be added shortly. This will be a combination of pdf documents and links so the most up to date versions can be accessed at any one time. Thanks to those that have submitted material).

I am in the process of contacting potential interested parties (overseas cycling organisations and bike manufacturers) and seeing if they are interested in what we are attempting and getting clear guidance on their design standards as they see it. If you have an opinion on who we should be approaching and how, please let me know.

It would like to organise a chance for all interested people to meet (probably in late December/January now and almost definately in London) so we can have a discussion face to face before we properly proceed with actions and deeds. I was thinking of Look Mum, No Hands! because I haven’t seen it yet and they sell beer and they like bicycles. Lo Fidelity London readers – please let me know if that’s a sound proposition.

Whatever happens, we have to put a stop to this:

At least the railing is a nice touch.

Sometimes (and I don’t mind confessing this to you, dear reader), I wonder if it’s worth continuing and persuing our dreams. But for every moment of doubt, something happens that pulls me right back. Today’s example was a lunchtime spent with some utterly cheerful and very knowledgable Dutchmen that sell Dutch bicycles in Brighton. They let me test ride about 10 outside their shop as I’m a  Dutch bike virgin and I haven’t smiled like that on a bicycle for a very, very long time. I’m torn between one of their beautiful second hand models or the new Batavus ‘Old Dutch’ Gents frame (which felt like riding a luxurious stretch limousene). I had such a good time I had to sprint back before I could take any photos. Definately next time.

Another thing I like to do if I get doubts is watch this clip from Dodgeball. Wonderful. Happy Friday and keep the faith dear readers.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up & Dutch Lunch”

  1. What Embassy is this Jim? Is it a “Sunny South Coast” residents only affair or is it for fairisle & sandal wearing bearded yoghurt-knitters across this green and pleasant land?

    1. Go to http://www.cycling-embassy.org.uk & read the Mission Statement. If you like what you read, than join us for the ride. It’s for those that have looked at our commutes and thought ‘would a novice really enjoy this?’

      Living in Worthing should make me a prudish, uptight Little Englander but we do have higher than average rates of cycling here and with the correct facilities (as opposed to what West Sussex County Council have accomplished on acid) the numbers would improve dramatically. You can knit all the yoghurt and wear all the Fair Isle that you like. Above all, you’re welcome to join regardless of location, creed, colour or beliefs. We reserve the right to get suspicous about Moulton riders though.

      1. Thanks Jim. On my way to have a look.

        PS. Forgot to mention I’m a tax-dodger as well, and I share your suspicion of the tiny-wheelers ;¬)

  2. ried your link and got this:
    404: Page Not Found
    We are terribly sorry, but the URL you typed no longer exists. It might have been moved or deleted, or perhaps you mistyped it. We suggest searching the site:

    I tried typing cycling-embassy into the search box and it took me to your posts on the L-FBC.

    Now I is puzzled.

  3. Well done Jim for getting the site up & running so soon.

    I’m not missing the discussion forum tbh – not a fan of the things at all – but will promise to behave when it’s operational!

    Only query I have is to ask why Road.CC is in the news feed. Not anti-lycra or anything, but just don’t think their news tallys with your ambitions.

    On a Dutch bike slant – glad to hear you enjoyed a test ride – they really are quite special & offer a totally different experience. The smile comes as standard.

    1. Well, Road CC did post this story about (real and perceived) road danger being a barrier to cycling.

      Most disappointingly is that “Of those who did start cycling to work, two in three went back to using their car, and a drop-off in bike usage was also seen once commuting distance went beyond three miles.”

      Translation: Average Joe is not going to start cycling, or continue cycling through bad winter weather, while cycle paths look like this, and town centres look like this.

      Average Joe learned to cycle as a child, but won’t now, because, despite casualty figures declining significantly as a child, motor traffic has grown significantly, creating the impression that roads are more dangerous. He may be vaguely aware of cycling in other countries, but regards it as “cultural”, without questioning why nearly every country in the newly industrialised world now has a primitive, dangerous “car culture”.

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