Embassy Latest 13.12.10

All those that have applied for accounts with the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain have had their status upgraded to allow you to comment and speak freely on the forum. Please let me know if this is not the case.

Cycle Infrastructure to go up imminently. I am also about to contact Fietsberaad.

I would like to propose Saturday 8th January 2011 (noon) as the inaugural Meeting of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain where you can meet me and poke me with a bicycle pump if you don’t feel enough progress is being made. Items for discussion will be to approve aims and actions and just to see what other like-minded souls look like. Maybe we can also discuss merchandice as I still quite like my ‘Make Hammond History’ wristband idea.

To be held at Look Mum, No Hands! 49 Old Street London EC1V 9HX maybe followed by a jolly nice bike ride if any of the Londoners out there would like to suggest a route (or even an alternate venue). Otherwise you can just cycle with me to Victoria or East Croydon  and then, if you’re lucky, watch me get a bit heated as I inform someone behind a counter that holding people captive at a railway station is not enough reason to charge £2.10 for a sodding sausage roll.

That is all.

11 thoughts on “Embassy Latest 13.12.10”

      1. Like Mr Colostomy ‘said’ below, we are meeting in Manchester in January, similar idea to the Cycling Embassy… Although a trip across the Pennines would be required, Sheffielders would be very welcome too!! 😀

        More info here

    1. The date is flexible but we do need a Scottish Consulate regardless. We can’t expect our Scottish colleagues to swan down to London. Having said that not all meetings have to be held there. I can make it up to Scotland because my Sister in Law lives in Aberdeen. What weekend can you commit to?

      1. It looks like I will be down in London the very last week of January. Could make any other weekend in Scotland although Aberdeen might take a bit of organising. Edinburgh would suit me – or the Cycling Consulate could foregather in Dumfries to try out Scotland’s first ever bike share scheme…

  1. Love to be there and LMNH is a great venue! Away until the following week but presume they’ll be an update on everything discussed, via the blog? Could you please add me as a member? Liv

  2. Sounds great Jim, and I like the idea of combining it with a bit of a ride, too. Why don’t I put my route planning thinking cap on and we will make it a bit of an event? Either way, I’ll be there!

  3. Jim

    I’m really impressed by your embassy idea and I’d love to join on the 8th. Unfortunately, I can’ tmake that weekend but please do keep me in the loop. I think I’m on exactly the same wavelength as you and totally supportive of what you’re trying to do.

    Slightly speedy comment for now but I hope to have some time to send you some more considered thoughts in a few days’ time.


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