When Cyclists Matter

I believe this has featured on other blogs but everyone needs to see this.

Another marvellous film from Markenlei (Mark Wagenbuur), this time focussing on public and media attention after an incident involving a large pick up and 4 teenage cyclists in the Netherlands.

I would advise that British (and I would suggest North American) Lo Fidelity readers watch this in a seated position with a stunned look bordering on incomprehension at a nation that actually gives a toss about its citizens.

I must also point you in the direction of Darlington Cycling Campaign for this wonderful post that puts a bit of good old British crappy perspective around the whole thing. David Hembrow adds Netherlands gloss.

To illustrate media perception in the UK, here is a letter in last week’s Worthing Herald. In the same issue was a story about some teenagers that were injured when the driver lost control of his car at speed. No-one wrote a letter about that. It’s just one of those things.

Long live the Embassy.

5 thoughts on “When Cyclists Matter”

  1. That letter in the Worthing Herald mentions 2 breaks of the law/Highway Code by the police, and yet it is the cyclist cycling without lights that are the point of the letter.

    (The two things are driving without 2 headlights and overtaking a cyclist for thereafter turning left and blocking the cyclist)

    Why don’t I just move to the Netherlands tomorrow?

  2. I watched this film totally stunned. It just goes to show how much of a PR problem cyclists have here in the UK and how far we have to go towards redressing this issue.

    In a nice touch, I noticed that there is a disabled person using a hand cycle going through the junction in the video. I can’t imagine many wheelchair users in the UK would be prepared to do the same thing…

  3. Of course car drivers never break the speed limit, talk on mobile phones illegally, drive and park on pavements, etc. The amazing thing is that they can’t see how completely hypocritical they are when they complain about cyclists breaking the law.

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