Cycling in the Netherlands

Sorry about putting these up, but whilst I’m composing a longer blog post, here is yet another recent slice of brilliance that I’d like to draw Lo Fidelity readers to from Markenlei’s (Mark and Lei) YouTube Channel

Please note the relaxed citizens, children cycling in calmed streets, people of all ages going about their day without need for helmets or high-viz or suffering harassment of any kind.

In the UK, we go out of our way to make the complicated easy and the easy complicated to the point where idiotic journalism can take us to this.

5 thoughts on “Cycling in the Netherlands”

  1. from what I can see after 50 years of cycling, only the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has the vision to take us towards the Netherlands modes of cycling.

  2. I like the idea that children cycle home for lunch. A lovely way to keep families together a bit more, and a nice break in the middle of the day for them, as well as useful exercise to refresh their brains!

    And it looks like children have a lot more opportunities to visit friends who live some way away, without needing to ask parents to drive them there by car.

    The biggest winners of the Dutch lifestyle would seem to be children, even though adults clearly win a great deal too 🙂

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