Street Talks and a Lovely Logo

If any of you are in London on the evening of the 12th April, I have been kindly invited by Movement for Livable London (the brainchild of Joe Dunckley of At War with the Motorist) to give a talk Upstairs at The Yorkshire Grey, 2 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PN at 7pm (bar open 6pm). It is billed as…

Jim Davis, Cycling Embassy of Great Britain: I want what they’re having – how the rest of the world is achieving a real cycling revolution

(The title was Joe’s idea, and it gives me the ideal chance to do yet more research on what’s happening abroad)

Me publically speaking. I think that was either my first ever stand-up comedy appearance or the 'Noel Edmunds Wardrobe Appreciation Society' AGM

About the Movement for Liveable London (from their website)

Movement for Liveable London promotes discussion on how a fairer, healthier, greener and more pleasant future for London can be achieved by changing the way we move around our city.

We aim to stimulate debate amongst citizens, campaigners, professionals and policy makers in the hope that together we might encourage politicians at all levels and of all persuasions to be more ambitious in their approach to sustainable movement and the design and management of London’s public realm.

We do this through hosting events, publishing articles and facilitating a dialogue between existing campaigns and other interested parties.

I’ve even convinced The Wife to come up to London too! I think what actually convinced her was me saying that I’d buy her drinks for the evening, however.

Other Street Talks worth checking out (probably more than mine) are as follows:

8th March 2011

Tom Barry, Boris Watch: State of the city – the highs and lows of London transport policy 2000 – 2011

4th May 2011

Dr Harry Rutter, Director of the National Obesity Observatory: Moving towards a healthier city – active travel and health

June 2011

Andrew Cameron, Director of Urban Design, WSP: How to make great streets

Hope you can pop along to them. But mainly mine.

Meanwhile, on Embassy business, we now have a logo all the way from the Manchester Consulate, courtesy of the wonderful, if slightly unfortunately monikered, Mr Colostomy (concept) and Jim (Execution). I hope you like it as much as me. Bravo chaps and chapeau!

By the way, there is another Wheelers Brunch in Manchester going on tomorrow (Saturday 26th February and the last Saturday of the month thereafter) if you fancy meeting like minded people who love bikes as transport. Further details on the Natural Cycling: Manchester blog.

4 thoughts on “Street Talks and a Lovely Logo”

  1. Hey Jim! Thanks for the mention 🙂 What a fantastic logo! I love how the bicycle is a loop frame with front basket. Now,we got to turn them into mugs, coasters and the all important stickers and spoke cards!

  2. While I’ll happy take credit as the brainfather(?) of the Street Talks (though I basically ripped it off entirely from Skeptics In The Pub and just changed the theme), I can’t take credit for Movement or the other events that the group will be organising 🙂

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