Cycling in London

Handsome chap on a bike....wait a minute! It's me! (Photo by Marco Leitão Silva and unbelievably, his lens didn't crack)

Well, that was a long pause between posts! Apologies for not posting over the last week or two but other things had to take priority such as family, friends and of course the day job. 

Marco Leitão Silva at the rather nice blog Cycling in London interviewed me a while ago about the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain and the finished article is here

I shall be giving an update on Embassy business tomorrow along with my own view on the Budget, although Mr C from Manchester Cycling sums it up very well here.

In the meantime I shall leave you with this latest film from Mark Wagenbuur about the problems Rotterdam faced when it was realised that only 25% of trips in the area were made by bicycle (yes, I know).

Full post on David Hembrows site.

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