The Metropolitan Police: Then and Now

This from

‘….take a look at this video and read the account on our forum posted by the regular who was the victim of the assault, about both incident and the police’s attempt to bring the attacker to book.

Although the registered keeper of the car was easily traceable it seems that on the day in question the vehicle was left unlocked with the keys in the ignition, only for it to be taken without consent but somehow later returned to the owner by person or persons unknown.

…..In which the case the registered keeper will no doubt be keen to help track down the person filmed in the assault in order to thank them for seeing the error of their ways, at least in terms of the return of the car, if not the attack on a cyclist who was hardly in a position to defend himself…..

…Over to you tweeters, bloggers and off-duty coppers.’

Indeed, and again the full article is here. The cheeky chap is in this image below.

'Oi! Did YOU stop the News of the World?..'

I’d like to think he was on he way to an improvisational dance concert via a farmers market. Then again, I wouldn’t be writing this post if he had.

This clip and images have been doing the rounds on other excellent blogs and long may it continue until these idiots are caught.

As mentioned in the article, the Metropolitan Police are no strangers to criticisms involving corruption and institutionalised prejudice.

Indeed, when I first saw the article, the first thing that leapt to mind was the following sketch from Not The Nine O’Clock News, a satirical BBC sketch show from 30 years ago. By the way, when Rowan Atkinson refers to the S.P.G., he’s referring to this.

Let’s hope the word continues to get out until justice is done. Of course if it goes to court, we’ll have to totally reform what ‘justice’ is in this country for people choosing to simply get about by bicycle but one pedal stroke at a time.

3 thoughts on “The Metropolitan Police: Then and Now”

  1. It’s hard not to conclude that the Police could easily discover who this thug was and that they had no intention of bringing him to justice.

    The question is why?

    Fere Moanrsy?

  2. There is a very good comment on Road CC but I’m too polite to copy it here! Strangely enough I was yelled at by a yob in a white Escort van this morning – I was actually just pushing my bike by the entrance to a pedestrianised area so was nowhere near the road but it didn’t stop an abusive comment. I sometimes wonder if our risk averse culture has left too many total wankers alive who would in ages past have died at a tragically young age drinking bleach or something similar. I’m not a nice person.

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