Cycling iPhone Apps

The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club recommends the following iPhone apps and is always open to suggestions from Lo Fidelity readers on their discoveries:

Bike Hub

[Free] The Bike Hub cycle journey planning and bike shop finding iPhone app is now available in Apple’s app store and definately gets the Lo Fidelity Seal of Approval. The app is free, paid for by the Bike Hub levy scheme. If you are a cyclist and you own an iPhone, get this app.

CTC Fill That Hole!

[Free] CTC, in collaboration with construction company Aggregate Industries, has produced a downloadable free software app for the Apple iPhone which dramatically improves the usefulness of Fill That Hole. By using the iPhone’s built-in camera and GPS locator, together with the large display screen, you can now report potholes and other road defects right from the roadside. Working with the Fill That Hole website, the iPhone locates where you are on a map, looks up the address and allows you to add details if needed. You can then add a photo and upload the report to the website there and then.

The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club can heartily recommend this as it was involved in the Beta testing.

Bike Doctor

[£1.79] According to the blurb, ‘Bike Doctor will show you everything you need to know to keep your bike in perfect working order. Simply choose a part of the bike you want to look at and follow the repair’. It’s like having a Haynes Manual on your phone and a lot lighter. Women will find this more useful only because a lot of men will be too proud to download it as it means looking at instructions.



2 thoughts on “Cycling iPhone Apps”

  1. Thanks for the mention.

    Today I got the latest version and will test it over the weekend. It’s true turn by turn, with voice directions, so the app makes an iPhone into a cycle satnav, a real world first.

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