Why People Don’t Cycle In The UK No 1 – Class

Oh, it’s you. Well, come in, come in. Wipe your feet. I’ll just put some plastic down over the seats. We don’t want to get oil or grease marks on them do we? You know what some cyclists are like. I bet the only time some of them wash is when we get a rainContinue reading “Why People Don’t Cycle In The UK No 1 – Class”

Worthing Cycle Chic

Here is a picture of the thing I happily spend a couple of hours a day on come rain, wind or shine. I used to own a Specialized Tricross Sport until it got written off in a classic SMIDSY (‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’) incident.  The incident occured in the laughably titled ‘Cycling Demonstration Town’, BrightonContinue reading “Worthing Cycle Chic”