Street Talks and a Lovely Logo

If any of you are in London on the evening of the 12th April, I have been kindly invited by Movement for Livable London (the brainchild of Joe Dunckley of At War with the Motorist) to give a talk Upstairs at The Yorkshire Grey, 2 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PN at 7pm (bar open 6pm). It is billed as…Continue reading “Street Talks and a Lovely Logo”

From Little Acorns……Or £80.56.

And so it came to pass that on the 29th January 2011, at Look Mum No Hands on Old Street, London EC1, a new campaign movement was started. A small area of the cafe had been set aside as I anticipated about 20, which would be exceptional for any cycle campaign. However, this is notContinue reading “From Little Acorns……Or £80.56.”

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

As my trusty Batavus Old Dutch and I were slowly grinding it out along the seafront against a biting, bitter 15mph easterly (something else we have in common – we both hate headwinds!) I was doing some more thinking. The Governments approach to transport is like trying to cram lots of round pegs though a square hole. Instead of consideringContinue reading “The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain”

Did Philip Hammond MP Watch Too Much Thunderbirds As A Child?

  Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for ‘Transport’, gave a speech this morning to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. In it he outlines very big plans. Very big plans indeed. I used to love Thunderbirds when I was a child and I’m now positive Philip Hammond did too as it‘s the only way to explain his childishContinue reading “Did Philip Hammond MP Watch Too Much Thunderbirds As A Child?”