The Sound of Silence

  Being an only child, I was fairly used to quiet and solitude; the purr of a chain combined with birdsong whilst cycling along local bridleways or the wind through the trees where I used to occasionally sit and read anything by Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl. Now I’m older I seem to get increasinglyContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”

Why People In The UK Don’t Cycle No 4 – Driving is Easier

  ‘Driving a car is simpler than riding a bike, why that’s ridiculous!’ I hear you say dear reader. You’re right of course, but in the UK we persistently go out of our way to make the more complicated mode of transport simpler, and the simpler mode of transport more complicated. I received a thoughtContinue reading “Why People In The UK Don’t Cycle No 4 – Driving is Easier”

A Local Group for Local People

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS OPTIMISM On Wednesday night I attended a very productive Worthing Cycle Forum. It’s wonderful to see such cycling enthusiasm regardless of the loss of daylight hours and weather that has been inclement to say the least. What was also gratifying was the mix of people there; we had representatives from localContinue reading “A Local Group for Local People”

Nice Cycle Lane No 1

The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club believes that it has become a bit maudlin as of  late. To brighten the mood a little, I strolled in to Worthing Town Centre last Saturday with The Wife and The Boy and I thought I’d take a few photos for you to show a traffic free shared use facility that works. This isContinue reading “Nice Cycle Lane No 1”

Why People In The UK Don’t Cycle No 3 – DANGER!

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Parallel universe or alternative reality is a self-contained separate reality coexisting with one’s own….Fantasy has long borrowed the idea of “another world” from myth, legend and religion. Heaven, Hell, Olympus, Valhalla are all “alternative universes” different from the familiar material realm’. I would also like to tentatively add cycling. To seasoned cyclists,Continue reading “Why People In The UK Don’t Cycle No 3 – DANGER!”

Why People In The UK Don’t Cycle No 2 – Culture of Fear

It would be fair to say that I had a very fortunate childhood. I was raised in a Surrey village with great community spirit. Everyone more or less knew each other and looked out for each other. If a crime was committed, the village bobby knew which door to knock on to conclude his enquires.Continue reading “Why People In The UK Don’t Cycle No 2 – Culture of Fear”

Why People Don’t Cycle In The UK No 1 – Class

Oh, it’s you. Well, come in, come in. Wipe your feet. I’ll just put some plastic down over the seats. We don’t want to get oil or grease marks on them do we? You know what some cyclists are like. I bet the only time some of them wash is when we get a rainContinue reading “Why People Don’t Cycle In The UK No 1 – Class”

Heads In The Sand

According to Wikipedia, ‘Contrary to popular belief, Ostriches do not bury their heads in sand. This myth likely began with Pliny the Elder(A.D. 23-79), who wrote that Ostriches “imagine, when they have thrust their head and neck into a bush, that the whole of their body is concealed.” It may not be true about Ostriches, but i’ve comeContinue reading “Heads In The Sand”