London to Glasgow

Well, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! I know it’s a month since my last confession to you, dear reader, but every time I sit down to compose a blog post of great intellect, mirth and wit about bicycles or a bicycle related subject, something momentous happens in the World of cycle campaigning. AsContinue reading “London to Glasgow”

Dispatches from the Edge

Well, spring is definitely in the air and a young mans thoughts turn to…cycling. Well, a slightly older man anyway. This week has seen perfect weather for riding a Dutch Bike through the Third World of Cycling that is the UK. A gentle cooling breeze and gorgeous sunshine tempered slightly by the exhaust fumes. ThisContinue reading “Dispatches from the Edge”

Cycling in London

Well, that was a long pause between posts! Apologies for not posting over the last week or two but other things had to take priority such as family, friends and of course the day job.  Marco Leitão Silva at the rather nice blog Cycling in London interviewed me a while ago about the Cycling EmbassyContinue reading “Cycling in London”