Street Talks and a Lovely Logo

If any of you are in London on the evening of the 12th April, I have been kindly invited by Movement for Livable London (the brainchild of Joe Dunckley of At War with the Motorist) to give a talk Upstairs at The Yorkshire Grey, 2 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PN at 7pm (bar open 6pm). It is billed as…Continue reading “Street Talks and a Lovely Logo”

Cycling in the Netherlands

Sorry about putting these up, but whilst I’m composing a longer blog post, here is yet another recent slice of brilliance that I’d like to draw Lo Fidelity readers to from Markenlei’s (Mark and Lei) YouTube Channel Please note the relaxed citizens, children cycling in calmed streets, people of all ages going about their day withoutContinue reading “Cycling in the Netherlands”

Notes and Queries

Firstly, apologies to Lo Fidelity readers for the non-posting as of late. The Wife has been plagued since childhood with a condition leading to abscesses in her leg and in particular at the base of her spine. There’s a lot more to it than that but she has just had her eleventh and hopefully finalContinue reading “Notes and Queries”

My Dutch Bike – The Test of Time

It’s now been about two months since the Batavus Old Dutch entered my life. It has therefore been through pretty much everything a British winter can chuck at it as well as the salty sea air of the south coast. It would be fair to say that my cycling life has been transformed as thisContinue reading “My Dutch Bike – The Test of Time”

When Cyclists Matter

I believe this has featured on other blogs but everyone needs to see this. Another marvellous film from Markenlei (Mark Wagenbuur), this time focussing on public and media attention after an incident involving a large pick up and 4 teenage cyclists in the Netherlands. I would advise that British (and I would suggest North American) LoContinue reading “When Cyclists Matter”

That it has come to this

At half past one this morning, I finally finished the rough draft minutes for the start-up meeting for the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. Please feel free to peruse/comment/laugh at them. When you’ve had your fill and informed me of any additions or omissions, I shall be turning it into a formal document (maybe withContinue reading “That it has come to this”