So Long, And Thanks For All The Pish

  Last Friday, reported that Cycling England now looks certain to be abolished as part of a Government cull on quangos (or ‘quasi autonomous non-governmental organisations’ to give them their full snappy title). Christian Wolmar, writer, broadcaster and member of the board of Cycling England anticipated this by writing a very strong open letterContinue reading “So Long, And Thanks For All The Pish”

Cycle Campaigning Simplified No. 2 – ‘Road Safety’

A curious one this. You probably thought road safety meant safety to all road users. You may have given a lot of thought to your local area and how difficult it looks to get around by bicycle and how dangerous it seems just to get to work or the shops. Being a nice, sane person,Continue reading “Cycle Campaigning Simplified No. 2 – ‘Road Safety’”

A Cleaner, More Sustainable Worthing

Our cycle campaign group is at the moment finalising its response to West Sussex County Councils Local Transport Plan (LTP3). This will be the guiding document for county transport policy over the next 15 years. The word ‘sustainable’ is mentioned 68 times throughout its 103 pages However, Paul Holden reports today in the [Brighton & Hove] ArgusContinue reading “A Cleaner, More Sustainable Worthing”

Cycling – Pleasure or Pain?

I cycle to work. I cycle 12 miles to work to be precise. My route takes me from the seaside town of Worthing to metropolis of Brighton & Hove (a ‘Cycling Demonstration Town’ would you believe?) I cycle along the A259 coast road amongst the huge Lorries bound for Shoreham Port and the cars onContinue reading “Cycling – Pleasure or Pain?”

Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 1 – ‘Section 106 Money’

    Yesterday evening I attended a local cycle campaign meeting where we were lucky enough to have the County Cycling Officer present. She kept quoting ‘Section 106 monies’ for cycling schemes as there clearly isn’t a direct budget for cycling at the moment. In case you may have attended cycle forums or meetings yourselfContinue reading “Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 1 – ‘Section 106 Money’”

Beyond the Sky Ride

  Yesterday was the London Sky Ride. A large circuit was closed off to all motor vehicles so cyclists could enjoy a traffic free ride around the sights of Central London. Approximately 85,000 people turned up for this event. I was there by accident; The Wife and I were staying in a hotel on Victoria Embankment overnightContinue reading “Beyond the Sky Ride”

Crap Cycle Lane IV

Yes, crap fans, here is the next exciting installment of Crap Cycle Lane II where we take you from the Magic Roundabout down to the sea! As a postscript to the roundabout, West Sussex County Council completely resurfaced it a couple of months ago. This beautiful new surface is coupled with the fact that they didn’tContinue reading “Crap Cycle Lane IV”