Crap Cycle Lane V

On 15 November 2010, BBC News published the following.. A railway station in West Sussex is to benefit from improved transport links as part of a £5m scheme. The work at Southwick railway station, which starts on Monday and is expected to last 11 weeks, will see improved access for pedestrians and cyclists. Other improvementsContinue reading “Crap Cycle Lane V”

Dispatches from the Edge

Well, spring is definitely in the air and a young mans thoughts turn to…cycling. Well, a slightly older man anyway. This week has seen perfect weather for riding a Dutch Bike through the Third World of Cycling that is the UK. A gentle cooling breeze and gorgeous sunshine tempered slightly by the exhaust fumes. ThisContinue reading “Dispatches from the Edge”

Cycling in London

Well, that was a long pause between posts! Apologies for not posting over the last week or two but other things had to take priority such as family, friends and of course the day job.  Marco Leitão Silva at the rather nice blog Cycling in London interviewed me a while ago about the Cycling EmbassyContinue reading “Cycling in London”

Fragile Thoughts

For a while now I have been in a bit of a quandary as what to write about, not because I had run out of ideas but because at the precise moment I wanted to jot something down, someone else would write a jolly nice blog post or an incident would occur that made meContinue reading “Fragile Thoughts”

West Sussex County Council – So 1980’s

West Sussex County Council has just published its Transport Plan 2011-2026 (or LTP3). ‘[It] sets the strategy for guiding future investment in West Sussex highways and transport infrastructure, and sets a framework for considering transport infrastructure requirements associated with future development across the county’. This supersedes their LTP2 document, ‘which had the key aims ofContinue reading “West Sussex County Council – So 1980’s”