Parallel Dimension

As Spring starts to tentatively push the thermometers up toward double figures, the cycle ride to work could not have been more different from a couple of Mondays ago when the country struggled with a deadly payload of snow, some of it drifting as high as the ankle. Today was even made stranger still byContinue reading “Parallel Dimension”

World Commute

A little while ago, I signed up to the World Commute website According to the blurb, World Commute is a not-for-profit, free social-network website to encourage, promote and track the use of non-motorised transportation around the world. It allows users to create a profile and record non-motorised trips including daily commutes to work or schoolContinue reading “World Commute”


Siberian winds swept in across Britain today with snow and ice, and Britain as usual scuttled back under it’s duvet. Well, those that were searching for the perfect excuse anyway. The media and anyone with free time wondered why we collapse like a house of cards in a force one breeze when a couple ofContinue reading “Simplicity”