Meetings, Walt Disney and Disturbing Childs Play

So, the second meeting of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain took place in Manchester last Saturday. On the train up I ended up chatting with a potential cyclist or what I like to call a ‘WALT DISNEY’ (Would Actually Love To. Danger Is Stopping Nearly Everyone Y’know). I would have pressed him further onContinue reading “Meetings, Walt Disney and Disturbing Childs Play”

Of Manchester Meetings and Man Made Madness

  Firstly, for the second meeting of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain we are heading up to the North West for an afternoon in Manchester. Details are here. Key topics to be discussed are: The Constitution, which you can view here in draft format. Governance – as we need to nominate and agree the board.Continue reading “Of Manchester Meetings and Man Made Madness”

Bicycle Film Scenes 1 – The Empire Strikes Back

With sincere apologies to George Lucas… EXTERIOR: DAGOBAH – HIGH STREET — DAY Luke’s face is upside-down and showing enormous strain. He stands on his hands, with Yoda perched on his feet. Opposite Luke and Yoda are a line of cars parked in a Mandatory Bicycle Lane. Luke stares at the cars and concentrates. OneContinue reading “Bicycle Film Scenes 1 – The Empire Strikes Back”

Crap Cycle Lane VI

…it even has shade.   Welcome crap fans and what have we here? Is this the portal to another sublime cycling dimension? A Velocipede Valhalla, if you will. ..the idea being that the Patient Transport vehicle knocks you over and then takes you and your bicycle to hospital. Which is nice.   Don’t be stupid!Continue reading “Crap Cycle Lane VI”