The Most Green/Greening/Greenery Government Ever?

These are fascinating times we are living in if you’re into Greening issues. I think the Government actually meant to say it is ‘the most Greening ever’ as, in a sense it has delivered 100% more Greening than the previous administration. However, Wikipedia defines ‘Greening’ thus; ‘Greening is the process of transforming artifacts such as aContinue reading “The Most Green/Greening/Greenery Government Ever?”


It appears that a Devonian villager has decided to get straight to the nub of the Road Safety issue with some paint and a wall of his house. This from the BBC Website….. “Large 30mph speed sign painted on house in Bow, Devon A man has painted a 30mph sign the height of a double deckerContinue reading “Communication”

A Caring, Sharing Britain

We Britons love the idea of sharing space. Well, other people’s space. We love to come up with holistic transport solutions through these shared spaces, sometimes incorporating an architects sketched vision of roads reduced to near emptiness, an extra tree or two and everyone walking and driving with a sense of equality and good cheer toward theirContinue reading “A Caring, Sharing Britain”


Today is Armistice Day in the United Kingdom. On Sunday it will be marked, as always, with a march past the Cenotaph on Whitehall in London and at Memorial services across the land remembering those that have gallantly given their lives in serving their countries. My Grandfather served in the Royal Corps of Signals andContinue reading “Remembrance”