So What Do We Do Now?

A wonderfully apt sign in Blackheath, Surrey WARNING: CONTAINS STRANGE SEXY TALK (Strange in that it came from an Englishman) Had the Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club started 25 years ago, it would have been quite a quiet, pleasing and delightfully tatty newsletter with articles about such exotic things as that new Mountain Bike fad orContinue reading “So What Do We Do Now?”

Make Hammond History

Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond MP announced big plans for transport infrastructure spending. Along with the eight schemes announced by the Chancellor last week, work will therefore begin on a total of 24 schemes as a result of the Department for Transport’s spending review settlement. The schemes given the green light today, subject to statutory processes,Continue reading “Make Hammond History”

Can Cycling Be Funny?

  Last year I completed a stand up comedy course organised by the very knowledgeable and lovely Jill Edwards who, through no fault of her own, has also ended up living in Worthing. The course was a real eye-opener and went so well, I graduated by performing at a New Act gig at Komedia, Brighton in front of a sellContinue reading “Can Cycling Be Funny?”

Persecution Complex

According to Wikipedia, ‘a persecution complex is a term within psychological discourse afforded to an array of complex behaviours that specifically deal with the perception of being persecuted for various possible reasons, imagined or real’. It is very easy for British cyclists to feel persecuted; on the road, cyclists can get direct physical abuse fromContinue reading “Persecution Complex”

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hammond?

As the chilly Autumnal mists clear, the World of British cycle campaigning finds that not only have the goalposts been moved, but the playing field has been sold off as well. report can be found here Yesterday I posted the initial DfT Press Release regarding the Spending Review. However, further detail seemed to emerge in the form ofContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hammond?”

Department for Transport – Spending Review 2010 Press Release

Over the course of the Spending Review period, The Department for Transport will reduce resource spending by 21% in real terms, and capital spending by 11% in real terms. The Department’s Administration budget will be reduced by 33%. By making tough decisions now the Department can invest in vital transport infrastructure and greener technology toContinue reading “Department for Transport – Spending Review 2010 Press Release”

Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 6 – The Highways Agency

Once upon a time Great Britain was a green and pleasant archipelago criss-crossed with a rich lattice work of highways and byways, footpaths and bridleways. However, successive car-centric policies over the decades in the name of progress has led not only to a massive expansion of highways, but the creation of environments extremely hostile toContinue reading “Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 6 – The Highways Agency”

Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 5 – ’20’s Plenty’

Before we get started, The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club would like to make the following announcement: IF YOU START A ‘20’s PLENTY’ CAMPAIGN IN YOUR AREA, FOR THE SWEET LOVE OF VICTORIA PENDLETON DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE IT A CYCLING CAMPAIGN. A little while ago, my local paper (Worthing Herald) launched an online pollContinue reading “Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 5 – ’20’s Plenty’”

Stay on Target

    EDITED – THANKS MR BLOGS 🙂 In previous posts I put across an argument that the demise of Cycling England could be a good thing.  It could mean the reintegration of cycling within the Department for Transport, making it publically accountable and receiving a deserving share of the transport budget. Like the HighwaysContinue reading “Stay on Target”

Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 4 – Highways Departments & Cycling Officers

WARNING: THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS AN OFFENSIVE ACRONYM In the same way that the Department for Transport had Cycling England to keep at arms length at national level, so it holds with Highways Departments and Cycling Officers at County Council level. From a cycle campaigning perspective, Highways Officers are often like Mrs Mainwaring in Dad’sContinue reading “Cycle Campaigning Simplified No 4 – Highways Departments & Cycling Officers”